Fairtrade Canada Webstore Policies

As of July 2023, Fairtrade Canada has changed its promotional material inventory management and order processing services.  

To stay fiscally responsible as a non-profit organization, while still providing most of our high-quality promotional materials at no cost, going forward we will process orders ONCE A MONTH, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Please plan accordingly. No rush orders can be accepted.  

The only exception to this new process will be in the few weeks leading up to Fairtrade Month in October, when orders will be processed more frequently, but still with some delay. 

Fairtrade Canada promotional materials are provided for use by business partners (licensees, cafes, retailers) and advocacy groups only. Materials are intended for use on business premises, at events such as trade shows, and consumer-facing events where Canadians can be educated about Fairtrade. Materials must only be used in relation to products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark. 

Items are provided free of charge, and with free shipping, with the exception of certain items for which we aim to cover manufacturing costs. Taxes will apply to these items. 

Materials can be shipped to Canadian addresses only. Please verify that your shipping address is correct. Orders are shipped by Canada Post and we are unable to accommodate any specific delivery requirements (e.g. time of day, a specific office).  

For deliveries to campuses: please be sure to provide an address that Canada Post can deliver to. Orders that are returned to us as undeliverable will not be replaced. 

We reserve the right to limit order quantities to accommodate as many orders as possible within business constraints. We do not guarantee the availability of any products at any time. We reserve the right to cancel orders which do not meet our criteria for valid use of our promotional materials. 

For some educational materials, we provide print-ready PDFs that you can download free of charge and arrange to have printed yourself.